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Unique Opportunity with Norwegian Cruise Line

One of the best parts about being in the group cruise business is that I get to share my passion and knowledge with folks just like you about the world of cruising. Being able to plan and organize group cruising events is what fills my day with joy and happiness, and now, I have the opportunity to take my happiness to another level due to all that I have accomplished.

I’ve been given the wonderful and unique opportunity to participate in Norwegian Cruise Line’s PhD@Sea program which is an industry first. This special program was designed only for cruise professionals who became Freestyle Certified (highest level of certification) at Norwegian Cruise Line’s University (NCL U), and being selected as one of the professionals to go, I have to admit that I am beyond excited and truly honored!

Norwegian Cruise Line will be whisking away 40 cruise professionals including myself aboard the magnificent Norwegian Jewel (pictured below) for a 7-night Western Caribbean Cruise on December 6th. We will be visiting many beautiful ports including Roatan, Honduras; Belize City, Belize; Costa Maya, Mexico; and Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas – which is Norwegian’s very own private island (exclusive only to Norwegian passengers).

Norwegian Jewel

So what exactly is a PhD@Sea program and how is it different than any other cruise vacation? Well to start with, this program will give cruise professionals like myself an experience that is rare for anyone going onboard. Here are just some of the exciting activities we’ll be doing onboard in addition to having a week long of cruising fun:

  • Welcome cocktail reception and sail-away party
  • Behind-the-scene tours
  • Panel discussions
  • Meeting the shipboard leadership team
  • Attending a group dinner
  • Receiving a personalized PhD@Sea certificate, a group photo and a farewell gift
  • A professional press release announcing my PhD@Sea status to distribute to my local newspaper, radio, and television stations
  • Class credit for CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association)
  • And much much more!

You can take a breath now. This special group cruise program is going to be jam-packed with so much fun and I’m so glad it is finally here!! I’ll be taking my sister on this cruise since she has never experienced one before and has been extremely eager to finally have the opportunity. And let me tell you, she is getting one special first-time cruise experience!

I’ll be blogging about my day-to-day experiences on the special PhD@Sea program and will be posting these entries upon my return.

All the professionals and I have already established a relationship in the NCL U forum and we’ve also created a special name for our group, and that is the “Family Jewels” – very fitting! I’ve always been excited about going on a cruise, but with this program, I can already tell it’s going to be something extra special.

Until next time…

Your Friend in Cruising,

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Every year, thousands of folks attend corporate events all across the world, whether they are conferences, conventions, or seminars. And every year, they spend a great deal of money on airfare to get to their event. What can these folks do to make the most of their visit to that location?

For example, if you’re flying from Japan into Seattle to attend a conference for 2-3 nights, what other activities could you do to take advantage of your time in this region? You could visit the Space Needle, the Pike Place Market, and do normal touristy activities, but if you really want to experience the beautiful Pacific Northwest, you would go on a cruise to Alaska for 7 nights.

So you might be wondering, what is the real attractiveness of a pre or post cruise and why should one consider it?

When folks come into a city for an event, whether it is Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami, or New York, they are there for more than just one reason, or at least they would like to be. They don’t want to simply come into town, attend the event, and then head back home. Many folks want to experience more of the region they are in. A perfect opportunity to do this is by going on a pre or post cruise. You and your fellow event attendees can take a leisure cruise vacation and not have to worry about coming back again in the future to experience it and spending all that money again on airfare.

A pre or post cruise can last anywhere from 3-7+ nights, all based on your location and desire to cruise. The bottom line? You enhance your overall experience during your visit to the region. You might be thinking, “Going on a pre or post cruise can become really expensive and I don’t want to spend extra money.” Actually, it’s quite the contrary.

Cruising offers you the best value in vacationing out there as everything is included in the price of your cruise, such as meals, accommodations, and entertainment. Compare that to a land resort and you’ll see what I mean. And if you wait to come later, you’re going to have to spend money on that airfare again. So why not take advantage of a cruise while you’re already there?

With that being said, if your event is in Seattle, have an open mind and consider going to Alaska for 7 nights. If you’re in the Southern California area, think about doing a 3-4 day Baja Mexico cruise, or if you’re a true vacationer, a 7-night Mexican Riviera cruise. If you’re in the Florida area, consider a Bahamas or even a Caribbean cruise from anywhere between 3-7+ nights. It’s up to you!

You can even have special events onboard the ship just for you and your colleagues as a continuation of your event. Whether that is a cocktail reception party or an actual portion of the event, the possibilities are endless. You can even take advantage of the meeting facilities onboard as they are absolutely free!

Everyone always talks about money well spent, and to get the most bang for their buck – a pre and post cruise offers you just that, and much more.

Your Friend in Cruising,

John Trivedi, Owner
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Posted by: John Trivedi | November 1, 2009

Mexican Riviera Group Cruise Experience

Dear Friends,

A group of 16 friends (pictured below) just returned from an amazing 7-night Mexican Riviera cruise aboard the new and beautiful Carnival Splendor. The experiences they had on the ship as well as in the ports of call they visited in Mexico (Ensenada, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas) were simply unforgettable. Many of these cruisers were on their first-ever cruise experience and they are now cruisers forever.


From the moment they got on the ship, they knew there were in for a fun-filled cruise vacation. Everything was great – from the friendly customer service, to the relaxing accommodations, to the delicious food, to the very enjoyable and humorous entertainment, everyone wanted more. I even heard that some cruisers didn’t want to get off of the ship!

I was honored to serve this group on their cruise experience and I look forward to working with them again in the future whenever they have any group cruising needs.

Thank you again for choosing World Travelers United.

Your Friend in Cruising,

John Trivedi, Owner
Group Cruise Organizer
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“We make your Perfect Group Cruise experience a dream come true!”

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